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Thread: Play GC back ups on soft modded Wii

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    Us Play GC back ups on soft modded Wii

    Hello. I have a softmodded Wii. I have rev 14 and hermes 222/223. How do I go about playing GC backups? Could someone list directions or point me in the right direction? This would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: After doing some searching... I have come across gcbackup0.2 (gamecube backup launcher by wiigator) and RVL-mios-v8.wad with cMIOS_rev1-installer

    Is this all I need?
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    You guys suck. I dove in and did these steps I got it working. Burn at 3x and loads fine in GC Backup Launcher 0.2 by WiiGator. Also when using the latest GC multi Iso creator, burning, then loading, the Wii would crash. I searched the net for answers and again no luck, and nobody would answer my questions. I tested and the only way I found to get my rev 14, Hermes 222/223, cmios v8, 4.0U softmod Wii to read a multi Iso DVD, is to load a previously burned Gamecube DVD SINGLE game on disc, when the backup launcher reads the disc and awaiting your input command to launch game, EJECT the disc and swap with the burned multi iso DVD gamecube backup disc. GC backup launcher will now read it, and you are able to switch between games on disc. The 'ol disc swap trick makes a return for this one.


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