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    which version

    I have just bought a wii which i intend to soft mod, after moding i would like to be able to play all games via hdd and be able to use all accessories. I will be doing alot of research on this forum but i do have a Q...My wii is currently on v3.4 should i upgrade to another v in order to achieve my goals. if so whitch 1. Thanks in advance

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    Well mine is Version 3.2 and if you follow the guide suitable for you Wii then you should, hopefully have no issues regarding playing most games.

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    Follow the guide by dogeggs in my signature to modify and update to 4.1. Its a great guide. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks for replies, i cant seem to find thanks button. A couple more Qs...1. I live in scotland does this matter re guide...2. guide says to upgrade to v.4.1 i need '250 packets free'. how do i know how many free packets i have left

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    Go to wii settings and at the top you will see your system menu version. The leter that follows that tells you what region you have. I have a 4.1U for U.S. You might have an E for europe. Just be mindfull of this if anything in the guide says region specific. Also in settings go to wii memory and it will tell you how many blocks of memory your wii has free. Its doubtful you've used that much but check it out. Hope this helps!


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