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Thread: Confirmation of 4.2 update - Now locked to Wii native region ?

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    Confirmation of 4.2 update - Now locked to Wii native region ?


    Somewhat stupidly updated my Wii last night to 4.2.

    I have a D2Ckey chip to play backups and not really bothered about homebrew etc.

    Just to clarify, has my Wii now been region locked so that I can only now play PAL games and not NTSC ?


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    Yes, you can only play PAL games now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M11 View Post
    Yes, you can only play PAL games now.
    OK, that's what I thought. As I say no biggie for me as I'm not really into Homebrew or anything. Just need to be careful what version of a game I "acquire".


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    I have a NTSC first generation wii with yaosm 3.2 installed, I also updated to 4.2, but if u also softmod the wii and use the neogamma you will be able to play games from another region, give it a try

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    Wasp2 4.2

    I have a wasp2 solderless chip. With 4.2 system update on a PAL.

    It plays some of my older games whick must be PAL. But get the eject and restart console error when using other games.

    So as i understand it is now locked to PAL. So does that mean only UK games, or can i play MULTI 5 games which are also pal.

    They work fine on my other Wii with D2CKey Chip and 4.2 update PAL.

    This is really annoying me, and WASP 2 need to make an update dvd to fix this.

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    PAL discs should work whether Multi-5 or not, the UK and mainland Europe are considered the same region as far as Nintendo is concerned.

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    Question can we change wii games from NTSC to Pal

    Unfortunately I've upgraded my system to 4.2 and now It's region bricked
    Is there any way to change the NTSC games to PAL games ?
    I just read something about region patcher for iso files, but I didn't get that .


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