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Thread: Help Me Get NSMBW Working

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    Help Me Get NSMBW Working

    Alright, I'm running soft mod of some version of 3.x. Not sure what version it is, but I know it's not 4.x yet. I use this to play backed up discs I own off a hard drive.

    I can't get NSMBW to work, but this is what I've gathered:

    - I need to update to IOS53-v5406
    - Then Install the latest neogamma

    Is this correct?

    I downloaded IOS53-v5406 using NUS Downloader and packed it as a wad.
    So do I just run that with wad installer?
    Then just install neogamma like normal?

    And everything should work? I appreciate any help as I've been out of the Homebrew community for about a year and am a little behind.

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    the new cIOS (38r15) should fix NSMBW, but some loaders have issues with it.

    Some loaders have a fix for NSMBW running on cIOS r14.

    Just installing cIOS'es is pretty harmless, and running loaders off sd card is harmless too. So for your own sake, just try the different cIOS'es and loaders out there and see what you like

    I use Usbloader GX, and cIOS 38r15, and that works

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    Thank you very much. I will give your method a try tonight or tomorrow. Am I correct in my installation procedure? FORGOT TO MENTION, this is NTSC Wii.

    Anyone else have any suggestions in case I get home and this doesn't work?
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