Hello all,

I had my wii on 3.2u for a while, everything is working fine (HBC and Mplayers and Backup Channel)

However, I had to get the Iplayer for my little one on it, so I had no choice to update it last night to 4.2e.

before update, I did reinstall the HBC to the latest one. tested all working.

After updated it, I got the internet channel and shopping channel working and got the Iplayer working too. (happy till this point)

it shows I got 4.2e and HBC working fine too..... (still happy)

BUT, when I was trying the backup channel, it just freezes, I had to power off, restarted, wii seems ok, HBC is ok, still can't use backup channel.

did try to reinstall the thing again following this:

Homebrew setup - WiiBrew

but, Boot.elf is not popped up. can't find book.dol file anywhere.

Is any one could help?