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Thread: Best Wii games for young kids???

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    Smile Best Wii games for young kids???

    Hello all
    I am new here... So please forgive If this topic has been done to death...

    What are the best games for a 5 year old??? Just bought a Wii for my son for xmas..... And almost finished the hack...(wrong sd card..forgotten wireless login etc etc...)

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    I have two girls, 7 and 4 years old, and they love Mini Ninjas. It's an easy game and only has cartoon violence, the same stuff you'd see on morning cartoons. Other than that, i've only got girly games to recommend, which i don't think your son would find interest in.

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    new super mario bros wii (thopugh there will be more hax0ring for that)
    mario kart wii
    zakk and wiki
    super mario galaxy
    rayman raving rabbids
    wario ware

    just fun party games stuff liek the ones ive mentioned

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    Mario party 8
    Petz catz

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    Mario Brawl is a nice one too

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    Thumbs up

    Many thanks for all the replies.......

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    just picked up just dance. Wife and 4 yr old loves it.

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    I have a 5YO boy and his favorites are
    Both the Go Diego Go
    Both Dora The Explorer
    Wii Sports
    Wii Sports Resort
    Jumpstart Escape from Adventure Island
    Jumpstart Pet Rescue
    All 3 Cars games
    Freddi Fish and the Kelp Seed Mystery
    Mario Kart
    Crayola Colorful Journey
    Ni Hao, Kai Lan Super Game Day
    EA Playground Games
    Toy Story Mania
    Moster Jam


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