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Thread: Questions before modding

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    Questions before modding

    Just have a few questions before I consider modding my wii.

    (1) I haven't soldered in years, probably since high school in some random technology class. Is it pretty easy to mess up the soldering if you aren't experienced? (I know it probably depends on the Wii you have, I bought mine around September/October of last year).

    EDIT: (1a): If I would probably mess it up, can you recommend a good site that I could send my Wii to in order to have them mod it for me?

    EDIT again: What about these? WiiClip - An Easy Wii Modchip Install on Squidoo or Articles - Completely Solderless Nintendo Wii Modchip as solderless solutions? Anyone know if they are any good/reliable?

    (2) If I mod now, will I have to mod again later to play newer games? For example, I know with the PSP you may have to upgrade your firmware to play newer games.

    (3) So with a stealth enabled modchip, can you play online? Would the game you take online have to be a legit copy? or can you still use a backup?

    That's it for now, may have more later.

    Thanks for any help you can give!
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