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Thread: Need help finding a smb share program

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    Us Need help finding a smb share program

    I have a 250gb HDD(40gb Fat32/the rest is wbfs) connected to my Wii. I was wondering if there were any programs out there that would let me transfer files(roms/emu/apps) across my home network to my fat32 partition. I searched the forums and google but I couldn't find anything.

    Also, is there any way to configure USB Loader GX to not need an SD card? I set all the custom directories to point to USB but if I restart the loader and remove my SD card, all my settings are gone.
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    The settings file is stored on your SD that's why. Never tried it but copy all GX files from your SD to your HDD and it should then work, edit the settings files as necessary on your PC if you get a code dump.
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    thanks for the reply, going to try that now. I'll edit this post with the results.

    It worked! Thanks for the help!
    I'll keep searching for info on my other question. Hopefully I'll find something.
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