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Thread: games in black and white

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    games in black and white

    i need some help on this issue, i want to patch these games so they play in colour.

    they are ios files not iso files and they are both ntsc games

    my wii had a modchip that plays all regions fine
    usb loader gx is configured to auto patch

    yet these 2 games will not play in colour.

    what do i need to do so i can get these games to play in colour.

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    ok im going to trail and error here

    im going to do the following then test

    decompress the ios file into a iso
    patch it to pal
    compress the iso back into a ios file
    reload onto usb drive

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    on usb loader have you chosen force pal? you may have to do that in usb loader.

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    yes i use usb loader gx.

    tried force pal50 and pal60 still black n white

    i launch via channel i made because if i lauch via usb loader gx channel the game green screens.

    above attempt = failed

    now im going to try and re create the channel

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    failed again ill try n find usb loader game in pal version lol

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    all fixed now running sweet as


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