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Thread: Configure "USB Loader"?

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    Configure "USB Loader"?

    Ive had the wasabi for about 8 months with excellent results .No troubles with most backups working until this damn Mario came out .Well I started poking around on various forums and found out that there was a mod out know that would allow me to load all backups to a hdd .That got me rate off the trail of mario and visions off all 20 of my games accessible without ever handling a disc .Very cool.Ive been messing with this for most of the day with only the HBC to show for it.I keep hitting road blocks.I am uncertain whether the guides I am following pertain to soft-mods or a fully modded system.If someone out there could lead me in the proper direction it would be very much appreciated.

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    Hey bud, just a suggestion, you might get more responses if you posted in this subforum. Most of us here focus on modchips. There's some good guides in there too as well as a stickied recommendation thread.

    Just a hint, for simple installation of any homebrew program, you're going to want to copy the files including the dol or elf file into a subfolder in the apps folder on your sd card - if it's not there, make one.

    So if you had backuploader.dol along with some other files, you'd make a folder like /apps/backuploader and then rename it to boot.dol - any dol or elf file has to be renamed boot.dol in order for HBC to recognize it. Past that I don't know anything about backup loaders.
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