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Thread: USB loader locks up when hard drive plugged in. help!

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    Us USB loader locks up when hard drive plugged in. help!

    no matter the loader i use, having the hard drive plugged in will lock up the wii. If its not plugged in when i start a loader it will lock up the splash screen as soon as the drive is accessed, and unlock it as soon as i unplug it. I have been playing games no problem of my usb hard drive for some time now and after trying to be able to play gh5 and band hero i now have this problem.

    i cant mount my usb hard drive in any loader after its worked fine forever. the only updates i made was to get ios 222/223.

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    Perhaps your HDD is not compatible with hermes IOS222, but before you go there, what loader and loader version are you using, and what version of Hermes IOS222 are you using?

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