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Thread: Infectus 2 Versus Wasabi

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    Infectus 2 Versus Wasabi

    which modchip is better? THis is the battleground where you lay down the facts!

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    best chip

    The aragon chip is by far the best 1 out at the mo....!!!!

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    Yup that's true Aragon/Infectus is the best, plus with the new version of the chip coming out on the 24th wasabi isn't going to be the only modchip with the low wire count...
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    how do you know its coming out on the 24th?

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    Quote Originally Posted by halo2rules View Post
    how do you know its coming out on the 24th?
    Look man... Argon is good NOW that its been updated 5 times. The team behind it is obviously going to support it well too.

    D2Pro has worked extremely well out of the gate, never needed an update as of yet. (Who knows how well it will need to be supported though, its never needed changing)

    Wasabi... 1+1=51 BBQ Whaaaa? I need to see reviews, but Im getting a few out of curiosity!

    "Coming" Infectus 2. I mean, if you are going for something today, and you want it today, there are great options available that work really well. Make you decision on what works and has been tested.

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    I'm one of the people trying the wasabi. I'll report back. Hopefuly my wasabi ships today.

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    Yeah let us know how the wasabi chip works...

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    Does anyone think there will be any issues of installing my wasabi when I have already done the latest updates with nintendo wifi? I also have a genuine copy of SSBB and did the update when I booted the game.


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