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Thread: 2 year old wii thats never been online

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    2 year old wii thats never been online

    i got this wii 2years ago i have never connected it to the internet(just never felt the need)i see alot of down graders but is there an upgrader so that don't have to go to v4.2.i already have homebrew on and working fine somehow but can't install any wads or red burnt disc.please help it's hard to get replacment games in the islands and i have lost 4 so far.

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    good question
    id like to know this too

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    I'd like to know the answer to that question as well

    Like you I have a 2 year old never updated Wii running 3.1U and I've used the "3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii" Guide up to step 4 (optional I know). Now I'm stumped as to what version firmware to use as the guide says to upgrade to 4.1 but I've read around the forums for a few hours that 3.2 is the best one to have (or used to be anyway) So, yes if you get anyone who can answer this question I'd like to know what the best route is at this time...

    Oh welcome, by the way as we're all new in here I guess.

    (You might want to check out the thread I've been using if you just want the latest firmware to use other than 4.2 of course)


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    If you read (enough) the answers will follow

    Ok, just read another post about an old 3.1 and the almighty Dogeggs who wrote the guide I'm using says to update to 4.1 ... just like the guide suggests.

    So plain and simple of it.. find the guide , follow it to a T.. be merry

    hope this helps you and anyone else out there with an older version firmware like us (for now hehe)


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    thank you very much for your help i found that exact post and have my wii working like a champ.i am so happy for your help and hope to get more help from this board.


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