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    Any title deleter newb

    Hi this is my first time using ATD and it looks kinda confusing lol. I dont want to screw w/ anything , so I thought Id ask here first.

    Im just basically want to uninstall cios38 rev15 and go back to rev14. I've heard of ppl just installing and writing rev14 over 15 but id rather be sure and get rid of it completely.

    Ive read that you have to delete delete IOS249 and 250. I cant seem to find it anywhere? Where would the cios's be under?


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    Installing cIOS38 rev14 will overwrite cIOS38 rev15.
    All of Waninkoko's cIOS versions are installed as IOS249. So it don't matter which one you install, the previous install will get overwritten.


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