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Thread: New games with a Wasabi DX

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    New games with a Wasabi DX

    I recently bought a Wasabi DX after some research and advice on here. I've only got a handful of backups but they all work perfectly. I decided against the softmod method because of the problems it can cause and a chip is so much easier to use.

    Am I right in thinking I will need to do a softmod to play new games due to the new protection? I'm running 4.1e firmware at the moment. Will I encounter any problems if I update to 4.2?



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    Right now there are no games that require an update to 4.2. What new games do require are new IOSes installed. That is one benefit of the chipmod, that you can allow the game disc to install the needed IOS.

    No game is updating Wiis to 4.2 yet and only a few to 4.1 (Japanese).


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