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Thread: Getting worked over by WBFS Manager

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    Getting worked over by WBFS Manager

    So I got the New Mario and I used USB Loader Gx to install the game on my HDD (WD Passport). I then brought the HDD to my PC and extracted the ISO with WBFS Manager. I did the scrubbing of the game and now I am trying to put it back on my HDD. I click browse select the game then select add to drive. It does its thing and says its added, but its not added. This is the second game I tried to add with the same results.
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    click load and go through your list and double check the game is not listed there at all,
    try and add it again if that dont work try rebooting your pc and try again,
    if that dont work i suggest move your iso`s back to another drive and reformat the drive again with WBFS manager and load new mario first by itself then load all your other games back onto the drive.


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