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Thread: Help installing HMB

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    Post Help installing HMB

    I tried to install HBC using bannerbomb aad1d_v108 and bootmii 6 (tried beta 2 too) , putting boot.elf and private folder on the root.I used lots of versions but no one is working (from bannerbomb) My wii is LU64 and has 3.4U on it , so iīm using BB alpha 1. After getting to channel menu (THE RIGHT ONE BTW) "Load boot.dol/elf (If you paid you where scammed blah! blah! blah!) I press Yes , then the same dialog with the blue load thingy and the screen turns black, my Wii gets freezed in the blackscreen and I must press the off button for 6 secs to turn it off.

    By the way , a technician tried to do this process 1 week ago , installed HBC , Backup loader and all the stuff , but he failed because Backup loader couldnīt load anything because he said that there was a missing file or something like that , later I deleted HBC, backup loaders and 3 "?" channels that didnīt appeared in the wii menu , just in the channels administration menu ; has all that something to do , that my Wii gets freezed after scam thing?

    I FORMATED MY Wii 2 DAYS AFTER THE TECHNICIAN CAME HOME. (because I mannually deleted boot channels, HBC, and the 3 "?" channels after doing process to try all again for the start... damm i would wish to know how the guy did to run correctly boot.elf )

    Thanks alot for the help!

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    look at this guide

    and get these files and try again

    All you need is an SD card formatted to FAT32, an internet connection on your Wii and these files: DOWNLOAD

    get those files to install the HBC they are the files i used and it installed fine.

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