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Thread: error 002 when loading game, USB loader gx

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    error 002 when loading game, USB loader gx

    Ok I'm new to this but I have been doing ok the last two days.
    I originate from a 3.4e wii with wiikey (don't know what version of wiikey I have).
    I downloaded and installed HB, I then downloaded the TBR_Pack with cIOS38_rev14-Installer, Trucha Bug Restorer and WAD-Manager_v1.4. I went on installing all the stuff without any errors. I then followed the guide on how to use WBFS and what not on my new HDD (maxtor 250gb portable). I transfered a .iso and when loading it in usb loader gx I get blue screen with #002 error.
    I am using usb loader gx 1.0 and I heard there is a anti 002 error setting? I can't find that setting.
    What do I do?

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    anyone? wouldn't mind playing my wii tonight..

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    It is in the game launch options.

    Click on the cover, then click settings.

    Under Game launch settings select 002 fix.



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    thanks great clue

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    thanks, got it working!
    seems like I had the wrong version of usb loader.

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    I'm a noob and appear to be having similar issue. How did you update your USB Loader version?

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    If you have a newer version of USB Loader GX you can update it from page 2 of the settings menu. If you have an older version you need to download the new version and put it on your sd card or install it from a wad if you preffer to have a usb loader channel.


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