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Thread: Urgent help pleeez!!!!

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    Urgent help pleeez!!!!

    i realy need some help...i just want to find from south africa..we use pal games but i got a wii as a gift from america which uses i cant play games that i buy here...but if i change the region using any region changer or some app...if a game update runs wud my wii get bricked even after changing the would be greatly appreciated..thanks alot in advance..

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    If the only thing you want to do is play legitamate out of region games. Download gecko os and put the boot.dol file in the root sd-card:\
    Then download bannerbomb for your region and copy the private folder to sd-card:\

    Then just run bannerbomb, follow the direction on the bannerbomb website.
    This should start gecko os, which you can use to run your out of region games

    note: never accept an update from on out of region disk, I believe but have not tested that gecko os can select which updates on the disk to install. It is safe to install ios, but never a system menu.
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