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Thread: 4.1U wad questions

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    Question 4.1U wad questions (NOW SOLVED)

    hi, i have a 4.1u wii that was softmodded with hackmii installer, i believe it could of first been bannerbomb that got me started.

    2 questions.

    1. i constantly have space issues with my wii and wads, so i decided to try to play them via sd and i noticed i needed a ios patch for my ios60 to do so. can someone send me a promise that it will not brick and a link to a patched ios 60? or will it brick?

    2. i can't get a certain wad to work. i'm trying to install a region free Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Wiiware with a english patch. i've used startpatch 4.1 to make all channels region free and i think i have installed patched ios 53 and 55. sadly, i get retry err 1022 every time i get to content 2. can someone help on this?
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    Where did you download PMD

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    Quote Originally Posted by snork View Post
    Where did you download PMD
    i'm terribly sorry i've been quite busy.
    i've got both issues resolved, and i can't remember where i got it, but i can upload it for u.

    also, its japanese still. i want so bad to play the english one when it arrives...

    sorry for the confusion.

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    How did you get issue resolved? I have 4.1u and getting error 1022 errors on content 2 also.

    Thank you.


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