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Thread: Some questions from a newbie!!

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    Arrow Some questions from a newbie!!

    i didnt get a root folder so i maked a ROOT folder, and i puted the files where i think it should be, but i didnt find the installer file, so i repplaced it with BOOT.elf but when i starts the SD card menu, its pops-up that if i wanna do it and i click "YES" but then it says: "COULD NOT FIND BOOT.DOL AND BOOT.ELF" what should i do?

    And after i get it work, what name has the homebrew that run games?

    Is "Merry Christmas" i think its called good?

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    You don't need to make a 'root' folder. 'Root' is the beginning of your SD-Card (or any other drive). Example: Let's say you go to "My Computer" on your PC. What you see there is a collection of drives (C:, D:, E:, etc). When you double-click your hard disk (let's say it's named C:) you will start at the base of your hard disk, a.k.a. root.

    Now this is the same for any other drives (floppy's, SD cards etc) so by meaning you need to put boot.dol and boot.elf on the root of your SD-Card they simply mean at the base of your card, the start, not put in maps.

    The path to your files would be (assuming for now that your SD-Card drive is G:):

    And NOT:

    The same goes for the other files. Although those that are found in maps can be placed onto the SD-card in that same map (maps like wad/apps) as long as they start out on the root as well.


    That should fix it. :)

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    Hi, i just installed the bannerbomb on my Wii 4.2E
    i got the Homebrew channel but DVDx doesnt apper, its no there!
    ANd is there any Wii homebrew that lets me load Wii games direct from the SDcard?

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    An sd card would hardly hold any wii games at all. Your best bet would be to get an external hard drive or load from dvd-r's.
    Also download and install neogamma from the link in my signature. Its a great program for launching games.

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    can i put games on a DVD, and only put it in the Wii?

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    Yes. If you burn games to a dvd using a program like imgburn you can load them through a launcher like neogamma (the link is in my signature). Be sure to use DVD-R's preferably verbatim brand.


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