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Thread: Wii Modding help

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    Question Wii Modding help

    Im interested In Getting a Nintendo Wii System, and im interested in Modding it aswell.
    The more i read the nore Confused I get. (at least i remember at the ps1 days There werent so many options )
    I was wondering if Someone would care To Explaine at least what are the Vital stuff i need to know Before doin such a thing.
    and what is 2DC that is Mentiond Everywhere......

    Thanx allot....
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    D2C is the newest chipset that is in the newest Wii's on the market. If you have a newer Wii that is the chipset you most likly have. If you are new to the wii modding world I would not suggest you try this by yourself unless you are a very good solder as the points to solder are very small and can be brigded together very easily.


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