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Thread: 4.1 upgrade, preloader and ios 60-patches

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    4.1 upgrade, preloader and ios 60-patches

    I followed this tutorial to softmod my wii.

    I tried to update my wii so I could install ios60 patched and then preloader, but the update failed and I went ahead and installed preloader.


    The guide says that if I install ios60-patched now, after I've installed preloader I'll brick my wii.

    I'd like to have the new SD functionality and update goodies with 4.1, but as i understand it I need IOS60 patched. and installing it after preloader will brick my wii.

    How should I go about updating my wii.

    BTW: i tried searching.

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    Hold reset and boot you wii. Preloader will load. What ios and system menu is displayed? Post that and push the thank you button below and I will give you your answer asap.
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    I'm curious as to what's displayed too and why you haven't already bricked your Wii.
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    well. i think it says ES_DIVerify error.


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