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Thread: usb loader - APP forwarder iso's

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    usb loader - APP forwarder iso's

    Really like this idea i found here...

    Homebrew Forwarder ISO's -

    So you can upload isos that forward to you apps/ channels. Anyone else using these?

    I cant seem to get them to work with USB loader GX (can anyone help me?) but they claim to work with wiiflow.

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    Although I think this is pretty cool, and I will go try one just for the hell of it, I find it a little pointless for USB GX, you can already run anything from your homebrew channel by pressing the homebrew icon.

    As far as I can tell, these are forwarders only that search for the app on your sd/usb anyway.

    Still think they are cool though, will get back to you on if I get it working on GX.

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    installed fine but failed to launch, black screened. (Mplayer CE)

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    only thing i dont like with the homebrew on usb loader, its all text. would prefer visual of some kind. looks like the dont work with usb gx yet then

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    Many of the forwarders from that thread do not work for me. I was told they are nuanced by variations in systems and hacks.

    I have mplayerce, neogamma, wii64, wii solitaire, hbc and cosmoraketti working, all from the aforementioned thread.

    I would love a system menu forwarder and a few others.

    It says in that thread that they were all written for wiiflow and incompatible with gx
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