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Thread: wii shop problem

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    wii shop problem

    I have done the softmod and uograded to 4.1e,but now i cant enter the wii shop channel

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    The same happened to me. I can't enter in shop channel, photo channel and the little icon of sd card on menu system.
    I had installed DogEgg Tutorial, noticed in that problem and tried to solution that with installation of System menu-PAL-v418 but is in the same way. Any ideas to solution, please reply to me.

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    anyone, could do with some advice

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    To solve the problem (I have a 3.4 Wii softmodded with 4.1E) I installed IOS61-64-NUS-v4890.wad and magically both Shop and Photo channel started to work again. I found that solution in a thread of another forum, don't remember which one. I also installed updated shop channel (Shopping Channel-NUS-v18) but I don't think this is a necessary step.


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