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Thread: Original Disc Channel Problem...

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    Original Disc Channel Problem...

    so in the furstrations trying to get NSMB working i somehow managed to "break" the original dicsc channel.

    Heres whats going on. i was trying to make nsmb work on 4.1 i installed ios 53 and trucha patched it installed ciosrev 15 installed ciosrev 14 over it.... nsmb still didnt work and i not noticed that when i put a backed up game in the console it doesnt show up in the original disc channel anymore... IT doesnt show the game title or the game image so the only way to knwo whats in the drive is to actuall launch the dic in back up loader. When i noticed this i upgraded to 4.2 via nintendo in dispair..... I also fixxed hbc and ciosrev using this thread:

    Disc Loader still doesnt show whats in the drive... any ideas what happened? how to fix it? thanks!

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    id like to add that retail discs show up perfectly in the original disc channel.... wierd isnt it?

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    i understand i am able to do this by going into neogamma and rebooting with hooks, but it used to do it automatically without any rebooting before... any ideas?

    Thank you


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