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    Old n00b

    Hey guys, i'm new to this whole thing and wanted to know if someone could point me in the right direction. I have a Wii with I believe a WiiKey2 on it and can't load NSMB. I burned it to a disk but when I load it, it tells me that there has been an error and I should remove the disk and shut down the Wii. Not sure what that means but if anyone can direct me on how to go about running it I would appreciate it. I got it modded for my kids because i'm out of work at the moment and can't afford to buy any games. They wanted NSMB but now i'm stuck and they are getting on my nerves a bit cause they keep asking when it will be ready.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is a link to the guide

    Hi and welcome to WiiHacks

    If you need advice or help for anything Wii related you have joined the right site, whether its hard or soft modded.

    Donít be shy, ask if you are stuck, just donít expect other people to do all the work for you.

    Before you start anything, make sure you read the rules go over the tutorials, and most importantly, search before asking questions.

    Make sure you post in the correct areas of the forums.

    If you are starting from scratch, new 3.1-4.1 written by Dogeggs

    If you already have Homebrew, upgrade to 4.1 written by Dogeggs

    Donít update to 4.2, but if you are already on 4.2, complete 4.2 guide written by Messie

    I hope you have a great time here at WiiHacks, and increase your knowledge of all things Wii.

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    Thank you WiiJohn, I really appreciate the advice and guidance. I'll be sure to read over everything and get caught up to date on all this new stuff. Looks like it's time for this old dog to learn some new tricks.


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