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Thread: Brawl Online with modded wii

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    Brawl Online with modded wii

    Anyone brawling online with a modded wii using a backed up disk? Does everything run perfect with no errors?

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    I'm going to give it a try... should be done downloading by tomorrow. Need to get a dual layer disc...

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    Played any other backed up games online?

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    I play MOH 2 Heros, Fifa 2008, MAdden 2008 and Mario Charged Soccer, all backups, all good

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    awesome, cool thanks for responding

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    So I finally got brawl and have tested it out online works great! got the dvd5 ver so when i tried to play a cut scene it did freeze.... i believe because all the cut scenes have been removed.

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    My boy and I have both played online with no trouble other than there servers are full most the time. dvd9 backup.

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    thanks just what i wanted to know


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