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Thread: Wode ordered, now what do i do? OsX thread.

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    Wode ordered, now what do i do? OsX thread.

    Hi there, I'm a total mod newbie and really need some advice.

    I've just made a pre-order for a Wode Jukebox inc flatmod chip and was wondering what software i will need to enable Wii game ripping, transferal and any other bits and bobs from my MacBook (OsX Snow Leopard) to the Wii.

    I am considering buying a 250gb HDD and realise from browsing the Wode website that there is a number of different formats that i can format the hard drive in but, which is best?

    Will I be able to download iso games and just drop them straight onto the hard drive or will i need to modify or change the iso in any way? and if so, what with?

    Would love it if you could clear up a few of these questions! and dont forget I'm Mac OsX !

    Thanks .

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    You should of just asked TheArtificer like I orgianlly did, hes a really nice guy.

    I'm not sure if theres a WBFS manager for MAC but thats the recommended format for Wii isos and FAT32 for GC isos or if you prefer theres these alternatives.

    NTFS - Read only, no ripping
    WBFS - Same as any USB loader
    FAT32 - Read and rip GC only
    Ext3FS - Pure ISO
    WiFi/SAMBA - Pure ISO


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