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Thread: wii cricket

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    wii cricket

    hi i have just downloaded wii cricket(australian version) but having troubking getting it to work. It loads up but when you click to create a new profile the game and wii frezze. have i got setting wrong or is there some ither problem

    thank you

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    I am having the same problem with this game. I have tried the save gave fix for Ashes Cricket but cannot copy the savegame data across to the system.

    Seems like the Aus version of Cricket 2009 is slightly different to the Ashes version

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    Yep, I'm in the same boat. Got the Aus game, but the savegame for Ashes doesen't work. Guess we'll have to wait til someone uploads a savegame for the Aus version!

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    Wii Cricket FIX

    I too had the same issue, but have managed to create a save game file SPECIFIC to the Aus version of Cricket. Just like the Ashes version, copy it to your SD Card, move it to Wii system memory, and load the game. It will be in the profiles under "aus cricket". click on it and away you go. Be sure too that you try first without the save once - not sure why, but it won't work if you haven't.
    The file is attached.
    Place 'Private' folder in your root (SDCARD:\) directory. Put SD Card into Wii, go to the data management page, click the SD Card tab, click on the Cricket icon, copy or move, load game, choose 'aus cricket' as your game save and away you go!

    ps. I have never attached a file on this forum before, so I hope it works!
    pps. As a reward, an invite to NTorrents would be great! 1.347 Ratio on Seeding!

    No rewards for posting pirated material, including game saves.
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    Hi Chiivo,

    Thanks for the file works a treat..


    P.S: You have 2 files in the folder the one you need is R6KU for AUS Cricket Version

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    Thanks alot Chiivo worked great

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    Thank you so much!!..

    i am now playing Wii Cricket -AU

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    chiivo! THANKS!!!! Works great!!!!

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    no problems guys, this sites got me through some issues, its the least I could do!

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    hi this might sound like a silly question but how do i put stuff on the sd card from the computer
    thank you

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