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Thread: Can my wii read DL disks?

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    Can my wii read DL disks?

    Now I know a couple of wii's have been having issues reading DL disks. Can someone clear this up for me? My SSBB DVD9 backup gets to the first movie where all the characters are lined up and then gives me an error, I burnt it on a DVD+R instead of a -R. I'm hoping this is media related since I know my wii doesn't play nice with DVD+R. Now, for these wii's that don't read DL does it get past the disk channel? Or does it not detect the disk period.

    Thanks for the help

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    i'm pretty sure they all do, however after i put mine in and updated my wii, when i put in my ssbb dvd9 backup it wont even spin as if there is no disk in there .. so i dunno the issue, however i followed the tutorial to remove a few videos and burn it to a dvd5 and it works perfectly .. so if you cannot play it you may want to read on how to make it to dvd5 ..

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    Ok, so my Wii won't read the DVD+R DL, I get an error, my burner won't burn the DVD-R DL and my wii won't read an original because of my modchip. This sucks I can't play SSBB yet.


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