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Thread: WiiKey 2 Only Reads GCN Backups

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    WiiKey 2 Only Reads GCN Backups

    I have a genuine Wii key 2 and the very first Wii that came out (bought it the week after it was released in '06). Anyway, I installed the Wii key 2 a little while ago and I'm only able to play Gamecube backups. Whenever I put in a burned Wii game, the icon shows up in the Disc channel, but when I try running the game, all I get is a black screen. My Wii doesn't reboot or anything, it just stays on the black screen (no music, and I don't hear any disc activity).
    I tested a few burned Wii games (Need For Speed Undercover, one of the Sonic games, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii) and they all did the same exact thing. Is my Wii key 2 defective, or did I botch the soldering job?

    Just to reiterate; original and burned Gamecube games work, original Wii games work, but burned Wii games do NOT work.

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    No one's experienced this before?


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