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Thread: 3.4U to 4.1 "Semi virgin Wii"

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    3.4U to 4.1 "Semi virgin Wii"

    Well I did have THB, bootloader, etc installed before running on 3.2.

    I got frustrated trying to update my system to 4.1 so I just formatted my system memory and used the Wiifit plus updater which took me to 3.4U.

    I want to get to 4.1 and softmod my system again.

    What is the best way to do this? I tried to find a wii game disk that had the 4.1 update on it but I couldnt find one.

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    use this link

    from what i have found only 2 games from japan have the 4.1 firmware and 1 pal game with 4.1 is endless ocean 2 but thats not released fora few months yet. i am unshore for ntsc region.

    but your best and safest bet is to use that awsome guide that i gave you the link for it really is very simple and error free IF you follow every step and dont skip any.

    take your time read each step 10 times if you have to, this will pay off in the end with a error free install.

    good luck


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