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Thread: Friend Code Hack

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    Friend Code Hack

    Hello. I need a volunteer to give me his Wii friend code. I believe I found a
    method such that I can send you message without you ever accepting my friend code invitation.

    After you give me your friend code, you'll receive the standard message that says "Please reply to this message if you want to add the sender as a friend". I don't want you to reply to it, rather I will attempt to send you another message. My understanding is that you would normally have to accept my invitation in order for me to send you another message.

    Once my test is complete, just reply to this thread with the message that I sent you.

    If my test works, it would be very interesting to see if I can play a multiplayer game, such as Super Smash Bros. without you ever replying to my original invitation.


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    I'll give you mine in a PM or IM...AIM me at g14c30n or MSN me at, or just PM me.


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