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Thread: updating firmware/system menu question

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    updating firmware/system menu question

    Hi, one of my first topics for help lead me to softmodded as per the following:

    One thing that I didnt do was update to 4.1 firmware/system. Everything works fine, but am still running 3.1

    I've read a few articles on upgrading and they all seem to use the same (or similar process as the original article I used)

    My question is: "Do i need to re do these processes and add the Firmware step"
    as noted in the 4.1 Firmware readme:

    [ HOW TO USE ]:
    - Run the application with any method to load homebrew and the update will be done automatically.

    "Do i just load (with my current setup "as is")the WAD with WAD-Manager and let it do its thing" - my logic would point to this, but sometimes the most obvious way to do things isnt the correct way - and sometimes ends in sexual harrasment claims!!!!


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    short answer = yes
    long answer

    to load the WAD with WAD-Manager you must install homebrew channel
    homebrew channel is a channel that will hold the wad manager and other apps to lauch them so you can do these steps.

    you can skip installing the pre loader at the end

    if you have installed bootmii and homebrew and the channel works

    lauched the wad manager and installed the ios60 PATCHED file (this is a must do)

    remember to install this patched ios60 file b4 you update

    then just go into homebrew and click the firmware 4.1 updater and it updates and reboots your fine to go

    if your homebrew channel is upside down you can do the homebrew channel update if its avalible, if it isnt just reinstall the homebrew again to fix that up.

    hope this helps you.


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