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Thread: LU71 wii Running Ver. 4.0U Help???

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    LU71 wii Running Ver. 4.0U Help???

    Hey guys im new to this board not really new to soft modding. I modded my wii a year ago with the twilight hack and have been using usb loader ever since. Im trying to mod a new wii i just bought the Model number begins with LU71 but it came with software ver. 4.0U.

    1. I tried the AIO pack from the "hacking guide for dumbies" i get stuck on step 7/8 and get a ret- 1035 code.

    Since that didnt work someone said to:

    Go down and run Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing "A" on WiiMote.

    Just select normal settings (don't change IOS) mine defaults to ios36

    Install IOS35.wad.

    Exit Wad Manager 1.4 by pressing "HOME"

    You'll be back in LoadMii.

    Run Wad Manager again, Select IOS35 when it asked what IOS to use.

    Install the CIOSv7.wad.

    Press "Home" to exit.

    Then Run Wad Manager again.

    Tell it to use IOS249.

    Install IOS36.wad, BUL3g.wad & HBC.wad

    I trying using Wad 1.4 and installed ios35 and that goes fine to my knowledge. Then it says to reopen wad1.4 and select ios35and run CIOSv7.wad. Well when i open wad1.4 and select ios35 and press A the wii freezes.

    I don't know how to get ios249 or ios35 to install and how to get usbload to work on this wii. Can anyone help?????

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    Really 30 views and no answrs??? Could someone chime in and help?

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    upgrade to 4.1 also make sure WC24 is dissabled I had a problem where it would not install while WC24 was running. Other than that the only other thing I can think off is format the Wii memory and re-download the files from a differnt site.

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    You need to run Trucha Bug Restorer, a search for your -1035 error should have turned up some results. Checked and it does on 3.1-4.1 and also on 4.2 System Menus.

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