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Thread: Wii bricked. Wrong Region (4.0) Black Screen

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    Red face Wii bricked. Wrong Region (4.0) Black Screen

    Hi There!
    This is my first post, but been lingering around for awhile now.
    Please help me..

    I purchased a Wii online.
    It has been Soft Modded but without any of the "safety" features like BootMii..

    So basicly.. Can this be saved?

    Attempted upgrade to 4.0 but was the wrong region software.
    Now it has a black screen.

    Please help if you can and I HAVE used the search and it just didnt help very much at all.

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    try savemiifrii
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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    What do I do once I do that?
    I do have an original NGC controller.
    I just hope I didn't lose my money buying a white house brick.
    Has anyone succeeded with such an error?
    I've been seeing many horror stories about Black Screen of Death that cant be fixed...

    I want to mod this Wii as much as is humanly possible!


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