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Thread: NTSC Retail NSMBW -- Update

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    NTSC Retail NSMBW -- Update

    I was given a copy of this as a gift, so I actually have a retail version of this. I have used Wanikoko's 4.2U update, and have installed all the latest IOS's and channels (including shopping). It still prompts me for an update, and I was told by a source that this update would NOT nuke homebrew apps or overwrite higher IOS's (which most of my WAD's are installed on).

    Can anyone confirm this? Has someone bitten the bullet and accepted this update?

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    Good question... I'll be getting this in the mail tomorrow and was wondering myself.

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    Oh, figured I'd add all the important info:

    NTSC Wii console v4.2U
    Softmodded (HBC + Wanikoko 4.2 Firmware Update)
    Retail Copy of NSMBW (NTSC-U)
    Currently Playing game VIA NeoGamma Loader R6
    Disc Channel Prompts for Update when NSMBW is inserted

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    Well, I bit the bullet and did it. No big deal, looks like since everything was already the latest version, that it just wanted to pat itself on the back and say 'Good Job!'. All my homebrew still works, and is intact.

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    Thanks for the update. I'll do a BootMii backup and try it out myself so there's a second... Hope it arrives in the mail today. Expected date is 11/19. >(

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    It probably has updates to IOS55 as well as the IOS53 that we already know about.
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    So I was trying to figure out what to do with my Retail version here . So finally I said fak it and installed the update. For some reason it updated twice.

    I was on v3.3u (original version when purchased) after the update I am on 4.1u.
    Game loaded fine and played for a few minutes ( gotta figure out the controls )

    Tried loading a game thru Backup Launcher 0.3 and it booted no problem although the green flicker of the screen made me think

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    Thumbs up NSMBW update from disk on 3.4J to 4.1J no problem

    So for any of you out there that live in Japan (might be useful for others who are still on 3.x system menu)

    Brought home New Super Mario Bro. Wii today. I had a homebrewed 3.4J Wii (using boot2). I've installed random IOSes here and there to play certain games. NSMBW required a system update. I did a quick search, didn't find a whole bunch of concrete answers. I backed up my nand (from the bootmii screen on startup) and then, holding my breath, clicked the system updater on the game disc.

    As said above (in a another post), after the updater ran once (which updated the system menu to 4.1J), it required another update; the second update took much longer, my guess is it installed some IOSes instead of updating the system menu (but just a guess).

    Anyways, the game works! Homebrew still works! Other games still work! I'm not using Gecko or anything.

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    Since Homebrew Channel now uses JODI instead of HAXX a 4.1 update doesn't wipe it.

    It's usually ok to update using discs but is discouraged because it can cause problems like semi-bricks when people don't know what they are doing. We've seen dozens of semi-bricks from people using NSMB PAL on their NTSC Wiis and vice versa.
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    4.1 update on disk removes boot2 install of bootmii

    Update: I realized after posting yesterday that the bootmii startup screen no longer showed up. The problem was temporary as I was able to reinstall it as boot2. FYI.


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