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    post all news and info on Wasabi modchip

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    Modchip makers Wasabi are releasing a new modchip they claim will work with all drive chips, including the difficult D2C drives. The boasts 9 wires, 3 of which are vias for easier installation.

    Here’s the list of features:

    * Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube original, import, and backup discs
    * Supports all chipset versions: DMS, D2A, D2B and D2C (including D1A)
    * Supports all regions, configurable via jumpers
    * Fully upgradable from DVD (no external programmer required)
    * Only 5 wires on DMS, D2A, D2B
    * Only 9 wires on D2C (only 3 of them soldered to pin/via)
    * Very easy installation on “cut-pin” drives
    * On-board flash (128KB)
    * Integrated Audiostreaming fix for GC games
    * Excellent media compatibility (supports DL media)
    * Works with SMG and SSBB
    * Flash recovery mode
    * Two LED for easy installation troubleshooting
    * Full firmware control even on D2C chipset
    * Drivecode symmetry between all chipset versions
    * Compatible with all GC and Wii homebrew programs
    * No extra wires required for region override
    * No external switch required

    The site also mentions this interesting bit of info:

    Did you know that current ISO dumpers are currently missing a few KB of data stored in the barcode (BCA) and lead-in area ? This “extra” data could be read by the console and used to detect chips. SMG and SSBB are the first games to call one of the related drive commands, without interpreting the data yet. We take that as a warning. Thanks to on-board memory, the “extra” data of your whole game collection could be stored on the chip itself if that becomes necessary. The flash memory is also used to store the drivecode and could store patches and Wii/GC binaries in the future.

    Homepage: Wasabi Wii Modchip - Compatible with DMS, D2A, D2B, D2C - Upgradable from DVD - Simply the best

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    nice so this chip is a lot better than D2PRO

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    Mod Central Ltd.*::*Nintendo Wii*::*Modchips*::*Wasabi Modchip - Super low wire D2C mod chip + D2B compatible

    They will start carrying the chip on Monday the 17th. I will try and get some more sites that will carry it.

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    thanks wasabi is looking very good

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    Dude, I made a thread about a SOLDERLESS mod chip.

    google it and you will see its way better than any solder-needed mod chip.


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