I'm not a total noob but I have a problem. I recently backed up NSMB using wii brickblocker because at the time my wii was 3.3u. I went to work and MY FIVE YEAR OLD SON PUT IN THE original disk and updated my firmware to 4.1u. Now I am having issues with my backup disks. Everything seems to be working except for the games, which give me the unable to read disk error. Am I screwed here? Do I have to start all over. My setup is as follows:

Homebrew Channel
USB Loader GX
WAD Manager
D2 Pro... Modchip
Soft modded
Wii Rip
USB Gecko
etc., etc., etc.

Could these issues be from updating the firmware? I have and NAND backup, but if I could fix the issues without starting all over, that would be nice. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.