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Thread: Wii ignores Boot.elf - Preloader can't find HBC

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    Angry Wii ignores Boot.elf - Preloader can't find HBC


    So I'm trying to install bootmii via the hackmii installer; only the wii is ignoring the boot.elf file on the root of my SD card when I load up the channels on it via the (wii) button as per the typical guides.

    Also, preloader states it can't find HBC when I try to run it but it's accessible via the wii system menu.

    The current state of my Wii is that it's soft modded, with DVDx, HBC, 4.1E (custom updated) and preloader 0.29.

    So what I'd like to do is, install bootmii and hopefully get the preloader to be able to launch HBC. Thoughts?

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    Preloader 0.29 is probably not recognizing the new Title ID of your HBC. Update to preloader 0.30:

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    Thank you, I shall try that.

    Regarding the lack of sight for the boot.elf file - I had also posted this question on GBATemp, they suggest that I could just place the boot.elf file in the apps folder (and a sub folder) and launch it from the HBC; but what I've read says HBC only launches boot.dol files and the converter application on the wiki states that converting from .elf to .dol for the hackmii installer isn't recommended and should be avoided.

    I may try that method to load it anyway; but are there any further thoughts on that here?


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    It appears that boot.elf files can be loaded via the HBC so I now have bootmii installed.

    preloader 0.30 allegedly fixes the 'cannot find' HBC bug but it states I need to modify the booting IOS with ES_VERIFY which I don't fully understand, but DOP IOS downloaded and sorted it out for me:

    Thanks for the input.
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