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Thread: How to get NSMB NTSC working on Softmod ONLY Wii

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    How to get NSMB NTSC working on Softmod ONLY Wii

    This is probably the easiest/best way to get NSMB working on a NTSC Wii. I didn't want to have to buy anything (like a USB HDD) to load this game, but I found an easy method to get this game working on my non-chipped, softmodded 4.1U Wii with cIOS Rev 14 and Neogamma R7, because at this point Nintendo has figured out some extra protection that blocks disc-loaders from working. All you need is an SD card or USB key (512MB+, which you will have if you have softmodded your Wii). Note - you'll have to backup whatever's on this card or key because it will be formatted in the process.

    1) Obtain the NTSC version of NSMB - New Super Mario Bros Wii USA Wii-QwiiF. Shouldn't be hard to find - don't get the scrubbed one, but get the original release.

    2) Obtain the fix - New Super Mario Bros Wii USA main dol FiX Wii-iND - and apply this by moving the ISO from step 1 into the same directory as the batch file (.bat) in this fix. The process took about half hour on my Core 2 Duo Laptop, and the result was a fixed ISO. If you don't fix the .iso this method won't work.

    To run the patch, create a folder on your desktop and place the four files inside of "New Super Mario Bros Wii USA main dol FiX Wii-iND" into this folder. Then into the same folder place the .iso from "New Super Mario Bros Wii USA Wii-QwiiF" into the same folder. You should now have five files in the same directory:

    Now simply double click on the qf-nsmbw.bat file. The process took about 30 minutes on my Core 2 Duo Laptop, so be prepared for it to take a bit of time. The result is a fixed .iso called qf-nsmbw.fixed.iso

    3) Download and install the WBFS Manager

    4) Backup everything on your SD card and use the WBFS Manager to format it by opening up the WBFS manager, selecting the SD card drive, and clicking Format.

    5) On the right hand side of the WBFS Manager, click browse and browse to the fixed .iso you created in step 2. After selecting it click the "Add to Drive". If these options are greyed out go to the "WBFS Drive" menu to select them.

    6) Wait for the game to copy over, and as soon as this is done the WBFS manager will look like this:

    7) Launch Neogamma R7 and select the source (if you used SD card select SD card, and if you used USB... etc), then select the game, and voila! Works
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    I found a patched PAL copy, downloaded it, installed to HDD, works fine on NTSC-U console. Getting a patched copy is the way to go.

    EDIT - I have since ripped the retail disc to HDD with configurable usb loader v48 (nsmb patched) and the game works fine.
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    does this work on a softmodded 3.2u?

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    i cant manage to fix the iso after putting those 2 files together...someone help plz?

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    i cant seem to get past step 2, do i just put the iso image of the game into the folder with the bat file?

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    Updated Post

    Updated post with more specific instructions to run the patch.

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    Shoot, that file is like 4gb

    I mean the iso

    does it have to be the Qwiff one? Cause the links are broken for that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMGalaxy View Post
    Shoot, that file is like 4gb

    I mean the iso

    does it have to be the Qwiff one? Cause the links are broken for that one.
    Try searching for this: New_Super_Mario_Bros_Wii_USA_Wii-QwiiF

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    can u show me how to softmod my wii?
    my will was chipped and is on 4.2u system menu i updated it from nintendo.
    is it ok to softmod ?

    thank you

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    i did that but my sd card just doesn't want to mount it goes through the 30 tries but just doesn't mount so what should i do
    using a kingston sd card
    i have cios rev15
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