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    Been a while since I used my wii and boy have things moved on! My wii is on FW3.1 with an argon 2 chip, last time I used it which must be around January I put homebrew channel on it.

    As xmas is coming and the rush of games as started I thought "let's see what's happening on the scene" and boy has it changed, software hack (my argon cost me 95 I could have almost bought another wii) but it's all good, glad to see so much going on.

    I have just got a lot of reading to do and maybe some silly questions

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    Hello and welcome to our community of Wii Modders

    Please READ as much as you can as many times as you can before proceeding.

    You may want to start here first before posting any questions/problems:
    Rules and Announcements

    To understand most of what all this cIOS talk is, you can visit this:
    cIOS Explained

    If your on any system menu from 3.1 through 4.1 you can find the guide to Mod your console here:
    System Menu 3.1-4.1 Softmod Guide

    If your on 4.2 then you can start here:
    System Menu 4.2 Softmod Guide

    If you have any questions or problems even after reading everything you can then please post them here:
    Wiihacks Newbie Corner

    Please be aware to NOT UPDATE!!! to 4.2 if your not already.

    Enjoy your stay here, and have fun modding.


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