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Thread: Help with softmod on 4.1u Noob

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    Question Help with softmod on 4.1u Noob

    Hey guys have been trying to softmod my 4.1u for the last 2 weeks. I have followed the guide for 4.1 and have used the hackmii installer and also have installed homebrew. When I installed the update .wad file for guitar hero 5, now all of the sudden im unable to load the wad manager or neogamma7 programs. I have also installed cios and the preloader. I dont know how to erase and reload the wad files for neogamma and wad manager. (now that wad manager wont load.) I have uninstalled homebrew and reinstallaed it, but wad manager still wont open. How do I reinstall the files?

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    any clues would really be helpful!

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    Why on earth would you want wad manager as a channel. Just run it from the boot.dol in apps.
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