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Thread: hello + i need help please

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    hello + i need help please

    Hello all, first time poster here. I need help please.

    my wii was softmodded on 3.2e, i formatted it as selling it now i get a preloader or somethign and wont go to system menu as says not found, i managed to get howbrew channel on i and tryed installing system menu 4.0.wad and says error 10306 so now wii no longer works, is there anything i can do to fix this? i have also tryed the downgarder but doesnt work

    Edit = now its working again somehow and i have deleted homebrew channel but unit is still 0n 3.2e, i have tryed a copied gme and it still sees it. How can i upgrade and how can i get rid of the soft mod?

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    do a wii update? depends what your trying to accomplish..

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    to update it to lastest firmwar and to egt rid of the machine being able to play "backups", if i do it from the system menu will it brick the wii?

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    done upgrade and worked fine and now wont play "backups" so srted, cheers for the help


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