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Thread: ssbb problem on my wii..

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    ssbb problem on my wii..

    hi I just bought ssbb and it says disc read error when I pop it in. All my other games work fine, so I went to the nintendo sopport site, and they told me to send in my wii so they can repair it. I also have a chip in it so I'm having doubts about sending it in. My only other solution is to disable wii key or something, but i don't know how to do that either, does anyone have a solution for me so i could play ssbb without sending in my wii? thankz alot!

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    There have been some issues with the SSBB. I have read a dirty lens will result in that error message.

    Another issue is that I believe this message also appears if you are running an original SSBB disc with wiikey. So you may need to rip it..

    Anyone else want to comment and how to properly run this game?

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    You have to dump the disc with friidump 4 it runs from a cmd prompt. File size 7.92gb then burn it with image burn or higher on a DL dvd+r disk.

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    Nintendo are saying that some wii's will not read dual layer. It could be that you are unfortunate enough to have one of these wii's.


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