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Thread: Some of my games won't work

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    Some of my games won't work

    Hi there

    I have Wii system menu 4.1 E, bannerbombed, with Cios rev 14 installer...

    My problem is that most of the games I have burned crash after 1 min of running. It didn't use to be like it... Now, only wii fit plus and nfs nitro work.

    I used to launch my games with "backup launcher with 002 fix".. I had installed a channel for it... Then wii fit plus came out and it didn't work. So I installed "neogamma r7" channel, and it worked.

    Later on I found out that the other games such as COD world at war, Boom blox smash party, mario galaxy didn't work. Tried to run them with old backup launcher 002 fix but it was no use...

    Could this be because of two seperate channels that launch burned games? Or maybe because I have an other sd card in my wii (not the one I used to hack my wii with)?

    Any helpful comment would be great!


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    try runing of a wbfs harddrive. u can use any harddrive that is 2.0 u just have 2 use wbfs manager

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    Can I run games from hard drive through neogamma? do I need to install a new cios?


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