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Thread: (help) exception dsi occurred

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    (help) exception dsi occurred

    Guys, I`ve been looking for an answer everywhere. I tried everything I found (like installing the IOS38, 53 and 55) but this screen keeps showing up. I just can`t understand why.

    My problem is that when I try to run backed up copies from the games "New super mario (PAL) (FIX) from and Muramasa I get that damn black screen full of code dumps saying on its beggining "EXCEPTION DSI OCURRED"

    I can`t take it wii is at 4.1U and it`s a chip moded wii, so please if someone could help me I`d be very appreciated.

    I`m from Brazil so if you have noticed any mistakes on my typing, please let me know! email:

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    I have the same issue, but im on 4.2 and it happens every where!

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    Unhappy exception (DSI) occurred

    I have the same issue, but im on 4.2U and it happens when try to install this
    to get this cios38rev14 or/and ios249rev14

    Please HELP



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