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Thread: new to the forums and wii friends

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    Us new to the forums and wii friends

    hey new to all this, had the wii almost a year never knew about codes till SSBB came out now want to add some people, possibly to brawl or just hit up, my wii code is
    im a little nerveous about posting this, no one can like break my system with this can they?

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    You can add me im new to the wii also my code is 7265-3899-1120-3358 ill add you too!

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    your code doesnt work i tried to put it in and it said that the code is incorrect and checked to make sure i copied it down right and i did. any ideas?

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    hehe sorry i am gonna add ya but i made a slight erroe my number is 2156-7424-3662-3399 saorry about that *blushes*

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    K, thanks. My wireless connection is acting all retarted. When i fix it ill add you!

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    Sorry it took me so long my wireless is working now.
    I just added you today! Sorry about the wait. Just in case you dont have my code its 7265-3899-1120-3358. Ad me when you can!

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    Added you ahmadxlee add me

    2488 7704 8704 1965

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    Sorry both of you guys my wireless is acting jacked up again. So i wont be able to chat with my wii for a while..


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