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Thread: new super mario bros

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    new super mario bros

    can anyone tell me if the new super mario bros is working on d2pro?

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    111 views and no reply?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wulfie View Post
    111 views and no reply?
    i got it 2 work however after i play 4 awhile then i get there has been an error please eject your disk and turn off console. i end up unpluging the power supply...


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    Same here, I can play up to level 1-3 and then disk error have to shut off the Wii. Guess we need to wait for a fix or bite the bullet and buy the

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    Am think of getting an Original, will it play normally?

    EDIT: silly me I didnt look in Wii games

    check Link below
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    Red face

    I have D2Pro9. I had 4.2U before I got new mario.

    Only way I can I get it to work is launching with Gecko OS and applying the little ocarina cheat file. All other methods (neogammaR8,patch iso/main.dol etc..) fail me. I have any/all IOS'es installed.

    BUT... I have a HARDmod! I want to run the game like a normal human being through the disc channel. But it says I need a system update, which of course I dont (and yes I have the required IOS)

    So I guess even though I have hard-mod, I am stuck launching with Gecko OS via homebrew.

    Any fixes available I want to know please

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    Here is how I got my d2pro working:

    This is for the NTSC ver. on d2pro v1 users on 4.1u (4.2 should work similarly)

    1)Install hbc via normal method
    2)Install dop-ios (to apps folder on sd)
    2)Either install NeoGamma R8 beta7 to HBC (add to apps folder on sd) or Install the Channel Wad (Search for it)
    3)Install/trucha patch the latest ios53 from dop-ios (or from the iND release, which should be the same as the latest)
    4)download the SMNE.dol from this thread:
    5) add SMNE.dol to sd-root:/NeoGamma/
    6) insert unpatched disc into wii
    7) run NeoGamma select "Alt .dol: SD" in options.. then "Save Config"
    8) run DVD

    Enjoy :-)
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    seems like a lot of work for ONE game, hopefully someone will come out with an easier way to play it on a hardmodded wii

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    Its no work at all using Gecko OS and the ocarina cheat, but still not ideal.

    Hopefully there will be a proper fix to run through the Disc Channel.

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    My Wii is on 4.2 E.I has D2pro mod chip.Running home brew.New super mario bros runs from dvd via neogamma.

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